We provide support for freelancers!
Freelancing is a wonderful way to supplement income while tapping into your passion! With more and more professionals and talented artists desiring to work from home, It’sMonica helps you to turn your dream job into a career.  

Our Formula

1. Find and Retain Clients

“The Freelancers Toolkit” helps you find clients and turns short-term opportunities into an ongoing success! It will help you emphasize the strengths of your portfolio and give you a desirable resume’ which will have people wanting you working for them!

2. Booking Your First Client

It can be challenging booking your first client, or never hearing back from potential clients not to mention flat out rejection, which can sting. If you have any rejections more often than not, it can have little to do with lack of skill but more to do with the presentation. After all, if you have the confidence to promote your work to strangers, no doubt you have a unique skill that our Ebook can help you define more clearly to potential clients. 

3. What To Expect

Our Ebook lays out for you what to expect within the first six months of freelancing, the challenges you’ll face, and the benefits of sticking to it! Freelancing doesn’t have to be a side project you do on your spare time. It is possible to turn it into a booming career!