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Athena’s Activation® ⚡ WAITLIST ONLY


INITIATION Athena has to be one of the most powerful and badass goddesses of mythology. Not only is she a war goddess, but she is also the goddess of wisdom and handcrafts. Athena has multiple personas and her persona changes depending on which role she is filling for her people. Be comfortable with your inner power that is soon to be unleashed upon the completion of this program. Athena embraced her power. So be content with your pursuit of power and influence. Seek leadership opportunities. Don't change your behavior to adapt to what you perceive to be the norm and don't shy away from power. Power gives you influence and allows you to accomplish your goals. Then recognize and champion the inner and most precious power you have to embrace your destiny. OVERVIEW This is not your average coaching program. This is a sacred 6 month journey to activate, integrate, and elevate to the deepest level excavating your hidden gems of potential wealth, pleasure, magic, and alignment. Powerful healing, joyful manifestation, to tap into your inner power. I will be your coach and soul-full ally. We will start with understanding the foundations, setting goals, your vision, what you love, the energy you resonate with, and what success means to you, thus embarking on a journey that will activate the visionary business owner that is inside you. We're meeting 3X a month doing magical work together to hone in on personal and professional energies ~ such as what you believe in, the “why” behind your story, and what motivates you as well as selling, marketing, and building a brand that resonates and connects with your heart, mind, body, and soul to change the trajectory of your life.

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