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The Joypreneur®


INITIATION The true meaning of joy goes beyond the limited explanation presented in a dictionary — “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” True joy is a limitless, life-defining, transformative reservoir waiting to be tapped into. It requires the utmost surrender and, like love, is a choice to be made. By embarking on this journey to joy, you are choosing transformation to become that, Joypreneur. That transformation will impact your life and business, bringing you closer to discovering your hidden gems which is a metaphor I like to use for tapping into your inner power. Simple ways to tap into your inner power: spend time in reflection and get to know who you are – your strengths, weaknesses, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Accept and love yourself as a whole without judgment. This program and our 1:1 coaching will bring that out of you and will equip you with the tools you need to change the trajectory of your life. OVERVIEW I work with YOU on an individual basis, I want to understand your life/work/vision/hopes/dreams/aspirations/goals. The program is intuitive, structured, purposeful and more astoundingly a joyful revelation. We're meeting 1X a week for 3 months doing magical work together to hone in on personal and professional energies ~ such as what you believe in, the “why” behind your story, and what motivates you dedicated to finding joy in your life and business. Learn how to stop hiding in the shadows and embrace your superpowers. Together we closely examine what's holding you back and create a progressive plan to transform your reality.

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