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Since childhood, I have always created. Manifesting my dreams and goals to reality - and it brought me such joy. I never had to worry about the opinions of others. My work was judged on my own exceptions, my own standards.

When it came to work, I was the only one I had to please. Of course, that’s not to say I didn’t want people to accept, or like, my work. I think it’s an innate desire to be accepted by others. I guess what I mean is this: manifesting offers a freedom of expression that other forms of work just don’t give.

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Dalton Young

"Fantastic support, excellent communication. Promoting to a new role within our company. Highly recommend!"

Dr. Sam Berne

"Monica is super professional, was able to problem-solve all the challenges in the job, was incredibly responsive, and really knows her craft. I highly recommend her!"

Minna Yoon

"She (Monica) helped me a great deal focus on the tasks that I needed to prioritize. I would definitely hire her again."