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There's a phenomenon that happens when you have the right collaborator in your midst.  Let us lead the way.

This Is How We Started


Started doing gigs, resume writing etc.


Started freelancing part-time.


Opened our ETSY store and website


Launched ItsMonica fulltime

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In 2011, we started our business as a part-time freelancing gig with a focus in helping individuals write and define their skills and strengths in their resumes. This journey of self discovery made me realize a passion for helping people to put their best foot forward in various business endeavors. It brought me deep satisfaction in knowing the support I could provide would be used as a launching pad for their success. 

As I gained experience in the corporate world and focused on my education, the invaluable knowledge I was gaining in this industry was something I knew I could take further and expand on ItsMonica. Gradually, I knew this company could be more than writing resumes. We could offer Virtual Assistance, Project Management, Coaching, Freelancer Mentorship, Customer Support, Social Media and blog handling so entrepreneurs and freelancers could focus on building clientele and expanding their business.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I was laid off from my job. Like many, I wondered how I would survive through such an unprecedented circumstance that millions of workers found themselves in. With fifteen years of experience under my belt, I had reached a turning point. Go back into a workforce where I was not only under-appreciated but dispensable, or make ItsMonica my full time career with my wealth of knowledge.

Building my portfolio as a freelancer, I launched my business to help others find the support that is so desperately needed to run a small business. Yes, we would assist already established and small companies looking to grow their clientele. This wasn’t enough. I wanted to be the helping hand for others that I wished I had. I wanted to help inexperienced and newly formed entrepreneurs launch their careers and help them put their best foot forward so they can walk in stride. Our goal here at ItsMonica is to make the collaborative experience feel like a journey. We hope you come aboard. 


The Breakdown


Planning and Organization


Strategy and Staging


Marketing and Making your Mark


Executing Client Procurement

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