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Attract your dream client with the right messaging

I keep hearing this one, common thing around not being able to see results in your VA business. It's that people will take a program, learn the marketing strategies, implement them, and....see no results. I literally hear this every single day. "I do everything I'm supposed to be doing, and I still don't see the results" It can be defeating because ultimately, you are following what the gurus and experts are saying (and I'm sure you've paid them generously to get the help). Yet, you end up defeated, because you're taking action every single day, showing up for your business daily, and being consistent, but you have no results to show for it. I completely relate because I've literally been there. But I finally realized what was missing. My messaging. See, you can grow your audience consistently, nurture them and ask for the sale, but if your messaging is off, you will struggle to attract clients. And ultimately, confuse buyers to not buy. Your messaging has to be crystal clear, meaning that someone who finds you, consumes your content, or even just gleans at your profile should get an immediate understanding of: 💯Whom you help 💯How you help them The principles for having solid messaging boils down to the following:

Problem: In the most simple way, people will hire you to fix a problem they have. It's important to dig deep in terms of understanding what your dream client's main problems are. Say you're a VA who specializes in social media management. You could perhaps see your ideal client's problem as being that they don't have strong branding. While it's true, the real and deeper-rooted problem is that they are struggling to attract their dream clients and want to use branding as a solution. See the difference? Not attracting clients is a more dire problem than the branding itself.

Deliverable: your message also needs to be clear on the outcome. Using the VA's example again, the main outcome you'll give to your clients could be a website. But if you tie this back to the problem, you might realize that a website is not powerful enough. Think about what will a website allow them to do. Attract better-qualified clients, lead generation, mailing list growth, and ultimately more sales. Again, much more powerful than a "website". When you start incorporating these into your content, you will see a shift in your ability to attract leads and clients. It's literally the reason why I get frequent DMs or comments from women telling me how much I resonate with them or how it's like I'm in their minds. And these women end up becoming clients because they know I completely understand where they're at, and that I can help them overcome their challenges so they can hit their goals. In FREE VA Mini Masterclass: Tap into your inner power, one thing you'll learn the exact methods to build strong messaging so that you attract new leads and clients to your business. I've had several women who signed up tell me that this was a missing piece in their business. Because just like you perhaps, they have been doing everything they are supposed to but couldn't get the results. Don't settle for the struggle anymore. Take control of your business and life so you can grow the business of your dreams without spending months showing up consistently, doing the work, and still not seeing the results. If you want to pursue your dreams, I want that for you too. I invite you to join us in FREE VA Mini Masterclass: Tap into your inner power. This is going to give you the results you’ve been waiting for.

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Monica Joy

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