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Module 1: Discovering our authentic self

I am here to walk you through the VA mini masterclass module one. We're going to be talking about discovering our authentic self we'll focus on shifting our mindset to one that will have us thinking, breathing and manifesting like a VA, honing in on the magnitude of your VA boss, like attitude, vibes, and manifesting success through positive reinforcement. Yes, positive reinforcement. We will explore what makes a VA valuable and what sets you apart from every other VA out there, you will say goodbye to the stereotypes and rewire the framework and foundations. We will take a deep dive into personality traits. A VA has to have to get the job done, right. Manifest your dreams to reality. We take you on a jampacked journey through self exploration and self discovery. No more dull moments of watching the paint dry, have an exciting and life changing experience as a VA boss and earn real money.

  1. Let go of things we cannot control:

  2. Letting things go so we can release the mental blocks that keep us from growing as a VA

  3. Getting organized as a VA

  4. Being accountable and showing up for ourselves and our business

  5. Overcoming obstacles and common mistakes to becoming a VA:

  6. Overcoming obstacles and the most common mistakes on your journey to becoming a successful VA

  7. Proactive, not reactive:

  8. Learn how to be proactive in your VA career, never complacent or reactive

  9. Tap into your inner power:

  10. Speaking truth into our intentions and not settling for just one persona of success


Now there's a case study that goes with this module. I was working with, um, a woman who wanted to be a VA. She had a totally shifted mindset. She was in a negative space and limited her potential based on VA stereotypes that she can only do X, Y, Z due to such a mindset. She limited type of work. She did and insisted and insisted she needed to niche down in order to become successful. You never have to niche down or chip away at what you're good at, just because you're good at one certain thing or one certain area really well doesn't mean you can't put into practice or be successful in other areas as well. After becoming my client, we began to explore what her goals and passions were. And very slowly, we began to peel away. Yes, like the layers of a onion and oh yeah, you bet.

There were tears involved. Extremities of her preconceived notions were peeled away by altering her mindset and thinking of ways and thinking of ways she wanted to be. And dream of success. We were able to conquer those demons that were holding her back. Yes. She had challenges, obstacles, and fears that were holding her back, that we were able to peel away because she was honest with herself and she wanted to find her authentic self by employing mindset, rituals and self empowerment tactics, such as harnessing power, positive energy through affirmations, through self-confidence boosting letting the creative space run wild, exploring deep seated issues, uncovering past experiences that prevented her from moving forward with her dreams. So learning how to let things go and rewiring the way of thinking into positive vibes. She is now successful VA with her own business, making five figures and she supports herself and her child.

Isn't that amazing? That is so amazing. And that's because she was able to manifest her authentic self. She was living in a shell of who she was and that's what a lot of us do. We walk around like mindless cattle or robots, and we're not living our authentic self because we're conforming. We can't conform. There is nothing that we should be conforming to unless it's our own standard of living. And our own standard of living is letting things go. We can't control advocating for ourselves, communicating our wants, taking ownership of our lives. And being honest with ourselves, this has been module one.

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