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Module 2: Building an influential brand

Building an influential brand, and obtaining an influential brand is in you. You are enough. What you have to offer is enough. Not only that, it comes from your captivating essence from within. That is okay to be you. And you are your own brand.

We're not talking about plastering your face on every Instagram post or reel, but embodying what it means to be a brand. We will take you through the journey to build a brand and be one with your brand. Now, a lot of people ask me, how can I build my personal brand? A lot of people wanna know, do I have to be in front of the camera all the time? A lot of people wanna know, am I always going to be talking about myself? Am I always gonna be talking about my day? How personal does it have to get? Some people want to have that work life balance and have that work life threshold, where they don't necessarily have to give up all their energy, into one thing, but they carve it out and they, space out their energy in various facets. So what's important is that you understand on how to build an influential brand and building an influential brand is starting with you. The list of things to bring to the table shouldn't be exhaustive. It should not be exhausting either. It's the basic essence of who you are.

  1. Being confidently ourselves:

  2. Showing up in our business as our brand and harnessing the power from within

  3. Understanding your customer or niche:

  4. Understanding our customer, client, market or niche and studying them, reading in between the lines a deciphering the power we have to be one with our customer, client, market or niche

  5. Brand voice and brand kit:

  6. Find your voice and start building a brand that compliments it

  7. Optimizing social media accounts:

  8. Learn tips and tricks to having a powerful social media presence

  9. Building your website and getting traffic:

  10. Be influential with your website, free resources and easy to use tool to have you with a professional site in no time and ways to bring traffic from potential clients to your site


Building an influential brand means harnessing the power of you. Having the opportunity to coach a startup of executives. We explored boundaries and what was preventing the brand from going to the next level. I was a little intimidated because there were more than one person that I was dealing with. And this was one of the first times. This was actually the first time that I was dealing with one of me and like five other people, but it was a startup of executive C level suite. And through self discovery, we discovered together that they were not being their authentic selves. They were putting on a persona that they thought would make them successful. Through deep booted self exploration. We were able to hone in on their passion, zest for life and were able to create a brand that speaks volumes. Now they have a reputation in a tech industry that has led them to get funding from investment firms in the Silicon valley bay area. This is amazing. This is something that I never thought that this group of people could manifest because they weren't being their authentic self. And they were fighting so hard against it. They were so rigid. And we had to go through module one, a couple of times to be able to find out who their authentic self were was. So it's very important that we take these courses seriously, and we take these modules seriously because it is going to be detrimental or it's gonna be monumental to our success. And that is module two.

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