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Module 3: The art of doing business

Module three is a journey through discovery. Now a lot of people are saying, when are we gonna get down to the business part of it? When are we going to really start saying, okay, what are some of the tactical things – I'm learning strategy, I'm learning manifestation, I'm learning goals. I'm learning all of these great things, but when can I put 'em to action? This is the module. A journey through discovery. We go on a journey. We set goals. We start putting these goals into actionable steps. The secret to this module, is my ability to tap into the business acumen that you have waiting to be unleashed, to really manifest a successful business from vision boards to smart goals, we take the successful elements of life's greatest lessons and streamline them for a journey that is filled with rewards and real life results.

  1. Strategy (vision board):

  2. Unleash the power of your vision and start building a strategy

  3. Discovering our business model:

  4. How will your business be formed (LLC or S-Corp), how will you handle finances, how will you conduct market research, finding or embracing a niche market, will you build a team

  5. The art of business planning:

  6. What's your executive strategy, competitive analysis, enhanced market research, business development, and client acquisition (what mediums will you utilize)

  7. Professional goal setting (S.M.A.R.T. goals):

  8. Set goals and how you will accomplish them, aligning them with your strategy and vision

  9. Start-up costs and finances:

  10. Understand what key investments to make and what the initial and necessary start-up costs are

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