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Signature Coaching Programs

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About my coaching sessions & programs: Before we ever meet I need you to know that, above all things, I want you to feel safe in this process. When you first become a client, being in the “spotlight” can feel like a vulnerable place. I know from my own experience and from my client’s experiences that we don’t grow until we lean into that feeling of vulnerability. So, I challenge you to join me in that place somewhere between taking a risk (vulnerability) and showing up.

About my signature journeys: The words "program" and "journey" are interchangeable.  I do not do cohorts, it's not my style nor do I believe they are personalized enough to truly help me, help you. You are going thru a program of your own but it is also a journey.  Like any journey, there are stops along the way that I refer to as "reflections" a moment to re-fuel, breathe and re-calibrate before continuing on.  I feel these reflections are necessary, burn out is real and you do not have to do something for a long period of time to feel the burn. Mental blocks, resistance, and discomfort are part of change and transition so we need time to reflect and recover from new things revealed and learned until it becomes part of our fiber and muscle memory. Each journey has a foundation of revelation that you will take part in to grow and prosper - elevate.  We dig deeper to find your true purpose and the root cause of the reason that brought you here. Along the way, we will excavate your innermost magic and discover your hidden gems.  Hidden gems are your unique abilities, powers, and words of affirmation that will empower and guide you thru this journey.

Each program will have an initiation period which is you acclimating to the program, leaning into your intuition, expertise, and feeling the change in your heart, mind, body, and soul. Once acclimated we move on to the core coaching and journey - this is where the real effort and energy begin and as your guide and coach, we build a strong, rock-solid foundation. There will be self-reflection, periods of uncertainty, and re-calibration - positive things essential to successfully move thru the journey and collect your gems along the way.

Each journey ends differently, but EVERYONE discovers their hidden gems. To encapsulate your gems which represent the progress you made and the things you've discovered along the way, I send you a special gift to present them to you, either electronically or in a physical and tangible way.  You earned them, they are yours to keep forever and draw upon when you need them most.  

✹ Biz Coaching ✦

Signature Program: The Joypreneur® 

Is this coaching journey right for you? If you have an established career or business and support yourself financially albeit have moments of struggle from emotional, mental, motivational, or financial from time to time this program would be a fit.  There is just something missing that would bring cohesiveness to your work and life. Maybe you want to transition from a career to owning your own business, or scale an existing business and you've done all you could on your own, now you need support, guidance and help along the way. 

Bottomline: You crave more success, need motivation, looking to take action, have a true work-life balance, all centered around JOY and being your own boss.

✹ Empowerment Coaching ✦

Signature Program: Athena’s Activation® 

Is this coaching journey right for you? You may not have a career or business established but you want one.  You have an emotionally charged spirit but lack motivation. You let the negative self-talk get in the way of taking action.  You make plans but they never come to fruition. You feel stuck and have bursts of creative energy but do not know what to do with it. This journey will help you focus and commit to what you aspire to be. Empower that magic that is locked way; you have the key you just need guidance on which key opens which door because you are so multi-faceted, it is a challenge to apply certain processes because you give up too quickly.

Bottomline: You crave purpose, want to fend for yourself, and build confidence to make decisions to bring more POWER and influence into your life. You want to expel the magic and creativity that is locked away due to stress, emotional dysregulation, and lack of motivation and use it to your advantage.

✹ VA & Freelancer Coaching ✦

Signature Program: The Magic Wand® 

Is this coaching journey right for you? You want to work for yourself fulltime, no more moonlighting as a virtual assistant or freelancer. You have the skills and expertise you just need to start seeing more results to truly dive into the work you were destined to do.  You're looking for abundance in many facets and want to have the freedom that comes with working for yourself. You might not be financially independent but you want that to change and you tried the DIY way but listening to podcasters, following people in your field who are successful, attended all those 3-day challenges and joining Facebook Groups collecting all the "freebies" but have to give up your email address, just to end up on someone's email list and get spammed every week!

Bottomline: You crave freedom. You've been doing the side hustle far too long, it's time for REAL results. You want a well-thought-out roadmap and you want insights from someone who has been there but no more cookie-cutter coaches or courses, you want personalized guidance to set you up for success.

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