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"Remove ambiguity and bring the art of joy to your journey through virtual  assistance & business coaching."


Helping you start and thrive in your business!

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We offer business start-up services for coaches and virtual assistants.  Are you starting a new business and do not know where to start?  Need help with establishing an LLC or building a website?  Monica can help!


Get your business started today!  Here is what we offer:


  • Website development and management

  • LLC and business formation specific to your state

  • Contract creation that includes coaching contracts, NDAs, confidentiality, and payment agreements

  • Social media development, creation, ideas, and management

  • Branding and logo design

  • Check out our business start-up packages!


Plans and Pricing

Business Coaching & Virtual Assistant Services

Get 20, 30, or 40 hours dedicated to your business per month.


Writings on the Wall

Our blog features business and coaching insider tips along with ways to improve your productivity and maintain your joy.  We also feature guest writers and other industry experts to help keep our material entertaining and insightful with well delivered and fresh content.