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Once You're There


We’re excited to share a few of our favorite freebies in the area with you.


Lunah's Guided Affirmations

Embark on a journey of affirmations that are sure to soothe the soul and reinspire your self-worth.


Self-Care Workbook

Explore the depths of the self-care process and dive into the art of setting goals and self-realization.


Vision Board Toolkit

Learn the basics of successful vision board basics and practice manifesting your dreams into reality.

Where to Stay


Blast from the past and back by popular demand.  Our in-course freebies are here for only a limited time.


Agape Method Affirmation Deck

Curated by a certified professional coach.


VA Client Welcome Packet

Packed with templates that will help you launch a VA business, this bundle is a crowd pleaser.


Vision Board Toolkit 2.0

The vision board toolkit is supercharged with more tips and tricks and available for a very limited time.

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